Speedboat with licence
Q590 Astreo (6p)

Brand new boat Q590 'Astreo', very maneuverable, with bow sun deck and plenty of storage space

300€/4h, 400€/8h

Up to 6 people. Can Pastilla. Motor 115hp.

Infos & booking
  • 300€/4h, 400€/8h
    • Can Pastilla
    • Up to 6 people
    • March - November
    • 08:00-20:00
      • September-May: 08:30-19:00
    • Fuel not included
    • Deposit 1.000 €
    • Motor 115hp
    • Informations:
      • New boat !
      • Retractable table
      • Big storage space
    • Extras:
      • Watertoys (donut/wake/skis): 30€
      • Snorkel: 5€
      • Coolbox with bag of icecubes: 10€
      • Pack COOL (coolbox + water + snorkel kits): 20€
      • Pack +FUN (pack COOL + goodies: captain/sailors hats): 40€
      • Pack +VIP (pack COOL + gifts: 2 towels + dry bag 10L + dry mobile bag): 40€
    The Q590 'ASTREO' is a brand-new boat from the year 2023, designed to offer the perfect blend of comfort and performance at sea. With a capacity for up to 6 people (very comfortable for 4 or 5), this vessel provides spacious and well-appointed accommodation to ensure a pleasant sailing experience for all passengers. A boating license is required to navigate aboard the Q590 'ASTREO.

    The boat is equipped with a high-quality bimini top to provide essential sun protection during days out on the water. Additionally, a bathing ladder and generous bathing platform are integrated into the rear of the boat, making it easy to access the water for swimming and water-based activities. To ensure the safety of all passengers, the Q590 'ASTREO' is equipped with a full complement of safety equipment, including life jackets, an anchor, and a foghorn.

    For those seeking relaxation, the bow of the boat can be converted into a spacious sun deck for two people, providing an ideal space to unwind and soak up the sun. Additionally, a range of water sports equipment such as wakeboards, water skis, and 'donut' towables are available for rental, adding an exciting dimension to your time at sea.

    As for additional costs, fuel consumption is charged at the end of the rental period, with an average cost estimated between 8 and 12 euros per hour of engine use, depending on the cruising speed. The rental price includes comprehensive insurance and cleaning of the boat after use. A deposit of 1,000€ is required, payable in cash or by Visa/Mastercard, and is fully refundable at the end of the rental period, subject to any damage or loss.

    Before setting sail, a qualified professional will provide detailed instructions on the operation of the boat, navigation rules, and safety procedures to follow. Additionally, personalized advice on routes and destinations will be offered based on your preferences and the duration of your rental. Whether you want to explore secluded coves, pristine nature reserves, or simply cruise along the coast, our team will ensure that your experience aboard the Q590 'ASTREO' is memorable, safe, and full of discovery.

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